Sunday, November 6, 2016

Out of the Box 4: Maria Tries Infrared Sauna Therapy

Watch-out! A semi-new wellness fad is out, and of course I had to try it!
Last week, I tried Infrared Sauna Therapyan emerging wellness fad that is becoming increasingly popular with athletes and those suffering from chronic pain. These saunas are also known as far-infrared saunas, where "far" alludes to where the infrared waves fall on the light spectrum.  This therapy has quite a long list for its health benefits, such as: detoxifying, weight loss (claims to burn from 200-700 calories per 30-min session), and pain relief (muscle aches, joint paint, and the like).

Not an inch of my body believes that this would work for me. My goal for this project is to try the most random trends I could think of and immerse myself to the experience, so I did. Of course, I got a groupon for  $15/30-min session at Eden Prairie.

The Experience

You'll be assigned to go to a medium-sized room that includes two seating chairs, shower, and the sauna. The sauna itself looks pretty comfy, it even includes an LED monitor where you can choose the type of targeted therapy you want for that session. The options were: Detoxification, Relaxation, Anti-Aging, Weight Loss, or Cardiovascular. Additionally, you can also choose whether you want far-infrared or mid-infrared for your session. I went for weight loss since it is the top two most common therapies used (next to detoxification).

Initially, the music was set to an Enya-like music background which is relaxing in theory but I can't stand it for 30-minutes. One of the things that I wasn't particularly happy about is that the sauna isn't big enough to lay down like your traditional YMCA sauna. You're pretty much limited to a sitting position for 30-minutes.

Another option during this session is chromotherapy (also known as color therapy) , an alternative medicine method that uses the visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation to "cure" diseases. Color therapy is often regarded as pseudoscience (understandably so). Honestly, this part was a hard for me to take seriously. There's a remote where you get to choose what color you want for targeted pain. For instance, the color red is believed to raise blood pressure and rate of breathing which in turn would help circulatory or nervous functions. The color blue is known to promote circulation, nervous tension, and rheumatism. I'd keep listing all the colors and its benefits but I'm cringing as I type.

The Verdict:

HUGE PASS. Save your money and don't do this at all. I personally did not feel any changes. Not even a temporary "feel-good" or placebo effect  during the whole 30-minutes. My experience felt like sitting in a club with different strobe lights about to trigger an epileptic seizure. This experience didn't feel relaxing or good. It felt nothing. Maybe it would've been better if I was experiencing pain. Although, I honestly do not think this is an effective alternative treatment, nor see the point of it. To be fair, i've only tried it once without any interest of trying more, so keep this review with a grain of salt.  I'd say, try it if you're curious but 90% do not recommend overall.  I honestly almost did not write a review about this experience but I thought I'd keep posting both good and bad experiences. After all, you'll be your own judge. I encourage everyone to try anything but if you're on the verge whether or not you should try this, skip it. :)

Can't wait to try Float Therapy aka Sensory Deprivation Tank Therapy this week. I have a feeling that would be a fun one!


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