Monday, April 10, 2017

Confession: I have a lipstick addiction| ColourPop Lip Matte Review

My weekly tradition is to peruse Sephora to try on makeup and experiment with new looks and style. Sephora is a fantastic place for makeup enthusiasts. You can try makeup and experiment in different aisles without committing to the products quite yet. Of course, this is just a brilliant marketing strategy. Once I’ve tried them on, I’m definitely more likely to buy it. AHHH, It’s a TRAP!

When it comes to makeup, of course there are dupes and splurges. For instance, you could get away with purchasing a drugstore brand (NYX eyeshadow) and have it look amazing. Though, when it comes to my foundation and lipstick, I typically lean towards designer brand. In my experience, paying $50 foundation is worth every penny in comparison to a $5 foundation at your local drugstore. After all, having a good foundation contributes to your skin care as well. As for lipsticks, it can be a hit or miss for me in terms of drugstore products. There are some “almost holy grail” worthy drugstore lipstick products but not quite. I seriously have routinely spent $20-30 a week per lipstick. It’s a habit that obviously must stop...=P I now have over 40 lipsticks and more than half are designers. The lipstick designer brands I’m drawn to are Tarte, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Sephora brand (retail is pretty affordable), and Kat von D.   

I’ve been hearing a lot of BUZZ regarding ColourPop from some of the well-known and well-trusted makeup gurus on YouTube (shout-out to Jaclyn Hill). ColourPop is an online store that sells makeup but mostly lipsticks online for only $6. It’s often been dubbed as designer quality with a drugstore brand. Initially, I was hesitant since I consider myself to be a lipstick snob. I LOVE lipstick and it’s one product I’m willing to splurge since drugstore brands have constantly let me down. Though the time has come and I have to re-evaluate how much I spend on makeup (especially lipstick). So, I caved. I bought not one but FIVE ColourPop lipsticks. 5 ColourPop lipsticks. ColourPop does free shipping over $30 worth of items domestically. So I of course, did not have a problem meeting this quota. Besides, shipping is probably $6 itself, so might as well get a lipstick out of it (LOL, I have a problem). I bought five shades: Little Weapon, Molly, Beeper, Tulle, and More Better.


My lipsticks came in an envelope with an “auto”handwritten letter which was super cute. The packaging is really good, and it comes in really pretty lip bottles similar to Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH). Throughout this post, you’ll notice ABH comparison throughout. ColourPop reminds me a lot of ABH but at a highly-discounted cost. Packaging, design, and applicator is flawless. No complaints here.


ColourPop’s quality is shockingly flawless. Very comparable to Anastasia Beverly Hills!


Pigment is highly comparable to ABH if not better than ABH. I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference if ColourPop formula is inside the ABH lipstick tube.


The formula of ColourPop is on point. It doesn’t feel too thick. One application is pigmented and consistency is amazing. It slides so well on my lips and it is long-lasting as well. This product doesn’t dry out like ABH. ABH although 100% on pigment, it can feel dry and reapplication for ABH changes the color. ColourPop however does well with reapplication in terms of true pigment, quality, and consistency. It’s pretty long-wearing for a $6 lipstick.


HIGHLY RECOMMEND. If you’re a lipstick snob like me, 
 you should definitely give this one a shot. The pigment and product quality might surprise you. My new top 3 lipstick brands are now: Tarte Matte Lip Paint, ColourPop, and Anastasia Beverly Hills. This new discovery will save me a ton of money. I cannot believe how affordable this is for the quality. I can’t wait to buy most of the collection! In terms of color, my favorite shade for my skin tone is 1) Little weapon, 2) Molly, and 3) Tulle.  The shade more better is also beautiful but color is nothing unique. My least favorite shade is “beeper.” If you have a similar skin tone as I do, I would stay away from Beeper and get the shade Tulle in replacement. Tulle gives you that nude look without looking sick. What’s your favorite brand and lipstick? Comment below!

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