Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Technology Integration in Classrooms: How to Maximize Results -

Maria Almoite
Co-Principal Investigator (w/ Dr. Karla Lassonde) & Lead Researcher

This is a 3-part study in which I piloted and lead from the beginning. I wanted to examine the best way to incorporate technology in classrooms by applying cognitive principles

The aim of this study is to combine a measure of sustained atention (i.e. Sustained Attention Response Test-SART; RObertson, Mandly, Andrade,Baddeley, & Yiend,1997) with repeated quizzing of video lecture content to determine if sustained attention is important for the testing effect. The results will teach us how to best maximize results by applying cognitive principles.

Handwritten notes are known to increase retention during the encoding process by converting information from sensory registers to short and long term memory. Conversely, another study found that typed notes is more effective than handwritten notes on memory retention. Based on encoding processes, we hypothesized that handwritten notes will enhance memory for lecture content compared to typed notes. We also build upon Schoen's (2012) methodology to examine the consistence of their findings on the benefits of laptop use:

Find link of poster here: Poster

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