9 students of 600 applicants
*Best learning experience I've ever had. VERY thankful!

PREP 2013

Me & Dr. Morton Gernsbacher (PI/Mentor)

Me & Dr. Brad Postle (PREP Director)

Me & Dr. Patricia Devine

Dr. Winston (Lecturer * PREP Academic Coordinator) & Dr. Postle (PREP Director)

PREP Symposium 2013--Oral Symposium

Oculus Rift @ Visual psychophysics Lab @ Dr. Bas Rokers

 Badgers! :)

I'm participating in an "infant lab" experiment at Dr. Jenny Saffran's Lab using advance eye tracking device.

Some of the PREPsters

Took the bus after the Weisman's Center Lab Tour 

Thank you NSF & UW-Madison!

 Some of the PREP students & I went to Chicago :)

How our classes look (9 PREPsters + Dr. Tina Winston)

Click image to view entire album

REU at UW-Madison PREP 2013

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